a light hearted adventurous romp through the end of the world gamer style.

your pc’s are all at the Hillendale Convention Center, during Midwest Con 2011 when it happens you may not be a gamer but your surrounded by them in a strange mid sized midwestern city when all hell breaks loose, can your adventurers figure out what is going on, rebuild civilization, can they even stay alive, can they negotiate with the other factions in the city or will they set off valiantly across the burning plians, can they have fun doing it, lets talk to the old man dressed as a wizard who just came into the Inn to find out…

Game System to be announced… maybe Gurps, Chaosium universal, or D20 modern players will be consulted in the decision.

Players interested in running another faction in the region or an NPC via email every two weeks can also get in touch.


NoranaC Celestialmartyr